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Labour Rooom


Labour Room is one of the oldest department of  Poyanil Hospital. We have always believes that a woman’s health is important because when she is healthy her maternal & child will benefit. Only a healthy mother can give birth to a healthy child. In this department handle with experienced doctors and staff and its follow for the experienced  labour and birth without pain.

The department performs gynaecological procedures including pelvic examination,vaginal examination,copper .T insertion etc.it is well equipped with an experienced team for management of labour.

Equipments  & Facilities

  • CTG Monitor
  • Epidural anaesthesia machine.
  • Warmer
  • Labour cot with remote control
  • Painless child birth
  • Husband friendly suite room.

Nursing care in labour room

  • It provides active & total labour care to patient and their families by a multiprofessional team with responsive to treatment.
  • It meets the physical psychological social spiritual expectations & religious values believes &practices of patient & his/her family.
  • Provides  relief from pain &other distressing symptoms like vomiting,breathlessness,urinary problems sleeplessness.
  • It provides follow for aseptic techniques.
  • Enhances quality of life with maternal and child birth.
  • Intergrates psychological &spiritual aspects of patient care.
  • Offers a support system to help the family cope up with the situation    during the labour with patient.

Highlights back

  • Department has senior  consultants,senior staff&trainees.
  • Labour cot with remote control.
  • Painless child birth.
  • Labour suite.
  • CTG monitoring