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Finance And Accounts


The success of any health care Institution depends on the strength of its financial policy and execution so as to provide excellent health care to the patients. Our function is aligned to the Biblical verse of "A cord of Three Strands is not quickly torn apart (Ecclesiastes 4:12)" and revolved in the three cord principles of Time, Perfection and Ethics.

Vision, Mission and Values

The vision of the Department is to have a proficient team allied to achieve the goal of the institution. The Mission of the Department is to keep the accounts of the Institution up-to-date in a transparent and time-bound manner as per the rules and regulations. The Value of the Department is to serve both Internal and External customers focusing the time as the most valuable one in every sphere of life of all.

Goals and objective

The Department believes in the objective of creating a collegial environment that fosters productivity through teamwork, ensuring financial stability, utilizing the skill of every staff professionally for effective functioning of the timely accounting and financial operations. As the backbone of the organization, the accounting department allows the organization to operate at its fullest potential.

Key Functions

  • Verification of all invoices submitted by vendors and claims submitted, with compliance to the policies of the Institution and in accordance with the systems and processes ensuring statutory compliance.
  • Payments to Suppliers and service providers.
  • Statutory compliance with regulatory authorities and rules.
  • Stores management with special focus on critical items.
  • Preparation and implementation of budgets.
  • Monitoring the Cash/Fund Flow
  • Interim and annual financial statements.
  • Maintain, verify and update accounting journals, ledgers, other relevant financial records
  • Documentation of books of accounts and systematic record keeping of all financial transactions.
  • Collect, compile and process the payroll data using appropriate software.
  • Review and verification of source documents and invoices.
  • Payments and filing returns of PF, TDS, etc