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Poyanil Hospital Punalur Dialysis unit provides individualised haemodialysis treatments for patients with renal failure. The primary goal is to ensure a safe procedure with the best possible therapeutic outcome.

For patients with end stage kidney failure we aim to achieve optimum well being to promote quality of life. For patients with acute renal failure we provide supportive treatment until their renal function recovers. The nursing staff has extensive experience in all aspects of renal nursing, and more than half have specialist nursing qualifications.

Dialysis is a life-saving procedure for patients whose kidneys are not working properly, in which excess water and waste products are removed from the body. In hemodialysis, blood is drawn out through a tube in the patient’s arm into a special machine which filters the blood and pumps it back into the body. This procedure can last several hours, during which a patient’s entire blood courses through the machine numerous times. In peritoneal dialysis, the space inside the abdomen called the ‘peritoneal cavity’ is used for dialysis.

All patients treated by the Unit are under the care of a Nephrologist  and the Hospital Medical Officers are available at all times in case of emergency. Other members of the healthcare team are involved as needed, for example, Medical Care and Diabetes Nurses, Counseling Services. Our Nursing Staff make a significant contribution to patient wellbeing through their assistance at meal times, providing cheerful company and help with transport.