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Mortuary or morgue is place primarily for safe and secure preservation of the dead bodies until they are taken away for the final rites.

It is in a place where public can easily access.

Facilities Available

  • Relatives waiting and religious rites room.
  • Store room.
  • Body chambers must have alternate source of power so as to ensure continuous supply.
  • The mortuary service has a proper housekeeping and all actions had taken to prevent the entry of pest/rodents inside the mortuary.
  • There is a quality manual for mortuary services which include all policies and procedures to ensure safe and secure storage and preservation of body.
  • There is clear policy on acceptance/non acceptance of bodies in respect of death outside the hospital, especially the unidentified bodies and about the maximum period for which the bodies would be allowed to be kept.


Cubic Cell           :  2

Cell                      :  8

Out side ambulance service available

Timing                 :  24 Hours

Phone Number   :   0468-2219111, 9544931502