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The Dietician visits Wards regularly to advise and guide the patients on their food habits, precautions to be taken and also to give health/diet planning to patients who require them during hospitalization and on discharge. The patients are given diet prescription in their own language. This enables the patients to follow a balanced pattern of food intake and maintain healthy food habits.

Dietician who has responsibility for planning, education, supervision, and evaluation of a clinically devised eating plan to restore the client/patient to functional nutritional health. Clinical dietician can work in primary case as well as in institution.

Dietician can identifying   Nutritional problem and assessing the nutritional status of patient in a clinical setting and Developing diet plans and counseling patients on special diet modifications.

Healthy & Safety Tips

  • Keep equally time difference in each meals.
  • Enjoy fast food weekly but make smart choice.
  • Drink No more than one Diet Soda a Day.
  • Keep score of Fruits & Vegetables.
  • Have Alcohol only on Weekend.