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Laboratory With Blood Bank


Blood bank

  1. Maintains a stock of donated whole blood for transfusion.
  2. Performs grouping and cross matchng of blood to determine the immunological type of an individual’s blood and its compatibility with donor’s blood.
  3. Screen donors for transfusion transmitted disease such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, Malaria, Syhilis,Screen donor before donation for the safety of donors and for recipient(patient).

Staff : Medical: Dr. Joseph George,D.r Remesh,D.R Liju Korah

Clinical Pathology & Heamatology

Clinical Pathology : Examines blood, urine, stools and various body fluids for evidence of the cause / effects of disease, as may be expressed in altered counts in component cells, altered cell morphology, physical properties, chemical reaction, or the presence of abnormal elements in them. The test results so obtained contribute variously to determining the nature of the disease process, establishing a diagnosis and guiding its management and therapy.


Microbiology is concerned with the identification and effective treatment of living organisms that can colonize the body and cause infectious disease, something that remains one of the biggest threats to human health and wellbeing today. We offer advice to clinicians on suitable treatment and prevention of infections - such as choice of antibiotics and strategies to prevent the spread of infection. Our microbiology lab also works very closely with the infection control teams in our hospital. 

The services offered by the depart ment are: Bacteriology, Immunology (mainly serological test), Mycology, and Mycobacteriology.

Bacteriology tests

Staining methods : Gram’s stain, Ziehl – Neelsen stain, fungal stain.

Conventional Culture method : Samples like urine, stool, respiratory samples, body fluids, genitourinary samples, tissue are taken for test. Wound swab, ear swab, nasal swab (MRSA screening), pus, suction tip, catheter tip, neckline tip etc are also used.

Blood culture -Surveillance cultures for Hospital Infection Control

Ziehl – Neelsen staining

Mycology Direct Microscopic examination, KOH, India ink, fungal staining and fungal culture for identification of fungal diseases.

Serology– Elisa test

  • Salmonella typhi
  • Paratyphi IGM
  • Anti Dengue IgM
  • Dengue NS1 Antigen
  • Lepto IgM
  • Anti Brucella IgM
  • ANA
  • Anti Toxoplasma IgM
  • Anti CMV IgM
  • Anti Rubella IgM
  • Anti HSV1/2 IgG
  • Anti HSV1/2 IgM

Syphilis - VDRL, Screening with RPR/CRP,  ASO, RA Factor-IMMUNOTURBIDOMETRY,  Enteric fever serology-widal test, ANTICCP,  ANTIPHOSPO LIPID PANEL.

Biochemistry, Immunology (Hormone Studies)

Biochemistry deals with the analysis of biochemical parameters in human body like plasma glucose, lipid profile. Renal function test, LFT different enzymes and vitamins, electrolytes,ABG, etc. Fully automated biochemistry analyzers  Trivitan 240,150 1 stat, ISE are various types of equipment.

Immunology/Hormone studies

All types of hormones, special parameters for cancer detection, cardiac markers (Troponin I, NT ProBNP) are done here in SNIBE MAGLUMI IN 1000

Department In charge -   Rachel OOmmen,