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Committed to excellence, Poyanil Hospital is a 200-bedded acute care teaching hospital located in the center of Kozhencherry. Since its opening in 1988, Poyanil has been dedicated to providing state-of-the-art health care to patients and families of all cultural and religious backgrounds. The Department of Nursing is committed to ensuring the highest quality of care to patients and their families. Keeping the health and well-being of patients and families at the forefront. Nursing guides nursing practice as well as educational endeavors. Nursing Education and professional development opportunities are promoted as well as using evidence-based practice throughout the Nursing Department. The Department of Nursing has exciting career opportunities available and is actively recruiting and Nurses in a variety of roles.


Primary goal of nursing at our hospital is to provide the highest level of health care while catering to the comforts reducing stress. The Council of Nurses serves as a formal consultative body and a voice for Nursing and Nurses. All Nurses are encouraged to take an active role as a member of the Council of Nurses and contribute to providing evidence-based, high quality nursing care. Nurses are actively involved in the NABH Safe-I, co-chaired by the NS and the ICN. The focus is to measure performance and rapidly develop action plans that improve the safety and quality of care for patients and their families.

Career Opportunities

At Poyanil, Nursing's voice is heard at every important decision-making table including those pertaining to the allocation of human and material resources. Every effort is made to provide Nurses with state of the art patient care units, cutting edge and time-saving equipment, technological support, and perhaps, most important, the time and space to practice our profession.

Orientation Program

A carefully planned orientation program is designed to help staff become a highly valuable team member at our hospital. Each new staff member works in collaboration with an experienced, knowledgeable nurse preceptor. Working together, staff will collaboratively plan an effective orientation program tailored specifically to meet your learning needs.

Nursing in Action

Nursing at Poyanil Hospital is distinguished by an integrated holistic approach in which the patient's physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being and quality of life is promoted to the same extent as giving effective treatment. Within the context of a safe and nurturing environment, Nurses help patients and their families develop the knowledge and capabilities needed to maintain their own health after leaving the hospital. Open the submenus to experience a glimpse of nursing life at Poyanil.

Nursing Education

Poyanil, Department of Nursing is strongly committed to lifelong education, from fostering supportive clinical experiences for our nursing students and tailoring orientation programs to facilitate the integration of new staff members. In addition to unit-based education programs, each clinical area has dedicated professional development staff who provide guidance and support, and who are there to address the learning needs of the nursing staff. We've invested in creating learning environments that benefit student nurses and staff alike. We are proud to welcome over 40 students each year and to offer further clinical experience.