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Ayurveda System of treatment was developed by the eminent stages through the centuries by long research for the permanent cure of human disease and for the healthy long life. The difference of this system of treatment from modern medicine is that there will not be any kind of side effects to the patient and further it will root-out the disease by the application of apt medicines prepared scientifically under supervision of eminent and experienced doctors.

Pancha Karma: The Essence of Ayurveda


In Ayurveda System of Treatment massage has very important place for trating the ill persons and healthy persons.The ill persons can recover his health and healthy can retain their health.Massge recharges the body,reactivates the mind,recoups youthful vigour and vitality and improves complexion.

Head Massage

It helps to create more clarity and regenerates the mind and brain activity for better functioning.the oils used for this massage contains herbals that are calming the mind and stimulate to the brain,nerves ansd sensory organs.


This treatment through nasal passage ensures to eliminate all the diseases of head and upper respiratory tract.

Herbal Steam Bath

It Promotes blood circulation that aids elimination of impurities and provides relaxation.


This herbal treatment is very popular in Kerala .Pizhichil  is excellent  for the treatment of Rhematism,Spondilosis,Nervous Disorders ETC.


Njavarakizhi gives excellent results in the treatment of paralysis,  joint pains. Muscular Wasting.It is also an effective therapy for maintaining good health during old age and premature ageing.


In this treatment the body is massaged with cloth bags filled with fried medicinal leaves.It is a herbal treatment for stiffness,bodypain etc.Especially in Arthritis and Paralysis.


This is one of the most popular therapy in Kerala.It Includes thyla Dhara,Thakra Dhara,Ksheera Dhara.It promotes the rejuvenation and revitalization of the human mind and body which act anti ageing factors.This is  aspecial therapy for stress and strain


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