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About Department

One of the earliest super speciality department in Poyanil hospital, Dr.Prasad A Cheeramattam M.S, MCh (Uro), Senior Consultant Urologist, joined this hospital in the year 2005. Urology outpatient Clinic functions twice a week, Wednesday and Friday. Surgeries are also done on these days. The major surgical procedures are Surgery for Prostate (TURP),Surgery for Bladder Tumour (TURBT) , Surgery for Urinary Stone (Cystoscopy, lithotripsy),Surgery for Male Infertility, Surgery for Female Stress Urinary Incontinence and all Paediatric Urological Surgeries. Surgeries for Renal and Prostate malignancies and Surgery for Urethral strictures are also done here.

Adequate water intake and dietary restriction, to prevent urinary stone disease. Regular bladder emptying and control of diabetes, to prevent recurrent urinary infection.

Lower urinary tract symptoms like frequency, urgency etc to be evaluated in males above 50 years. Females with urinary incontinence on lifting weight, laughing etc should approach a Urologist for surgical correction. Male babies with urinary tract infections should be evaluated.

Important Patient Safety Tips

  • Adequate  water Intake
  • Control Diabetes
  • Periodic Checking of Renal Function


Our Doctors

Dr. Prasad Cheeramattom