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General Medicine

About Department

General (Internal) Medicine department is a basic specialty of modern medicine dealing with all systems of human body. People with common problems like headache, common cold, breathlessness, stomach upset or pain, urinary difficulty etc. approach this basic specialty. After medical evaluation patients are treated/referred to appropriate super specialties like Cardiology, Neurology, and Nephrology etc.Initial treatment of all medical emergencies are also dealt with by this department.

Patient Information

Bring all your part medical records and details of medications when you consult the physician.
If you are intending to do blood tests, preferably come fasting for approximately 8 to 12 hrs.
If you feel that you have to be seen on a priority basis, please contact the public relations officer.


Our Doctors

Dr. Stephen George

MBBS,MD, Diabetologist

Dr. Seena Philipose


Dr. Bobby Varghese