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Poyanil hospital provides finest in infrastructure and facilities to its patients. Our hospital has a special significance in the overall healthcare industry of India and particularly in South Kerala. Our Clinical Excellence is rooted in our excellent team of doctors/medical specialists who are well versed with the latest advancements in their respective field of medical expertise. This is further complemented by our teams of highly trained nurses and paramedical people. Patient Centricity is a key tenet that we follow and which has won the goodwill and trust of our patients over the years. A total 'patient first' approach at all times in the outpatients department working at late hours of the day and even on holidays are but a few examples amongst many other such patient friendly practices that has resulted in us being one of the most preferred hospitals wherever we are present across India and also to the development of a strong bond based on faith and trust with our patients.

HR Department

A hospital is a microcosmic community that operates like a small city , presenting the same issues with a stronger dynamic due to the human interaction factor. Human resources department in Poyanil hospital plays a vital role in the healthcare workplace in ensuring the delivery of health care services and facilitating optimal outcomes. In our institution , the human resource department fills a variety of personnel needs that both employers and employees encounter. The role of HR department is to manage all aspects of operations that are personnel related.

The main functions of HR department in Poyanil hospital

  • Hiring
  • Physician and nurse recruitment
  • Employee orientation
  • Personnel management
  • Benefits and compensation management
  • Counseling
  • Training and performance monitoring
  • Work place safety and sanitation
  • Administration and employee meeting
  • Staff morale and retention

  1. HR department hires and fires employees and locates temporary workers when needed. Poyanil hospital human resource management always gives importance to the personal health , progress and welfare of our Poyanil team members.
  2. Human resource counselors are there to provide counseling to Poyanil team members who have marital, drug and alcohol related issues or family crises.
  3. Human resource department always give importance to training activities which helps the employees to perform at their optimal level. Human resources specialists develop tests to monitor skill levels that can be administered during the hiring process or later in the term of employment.
  4. Human resource team is there to make sure that a line of communication is there between all levels of employees. Human resource department conduct regular meetings to discuss issues and needs. Personal interactions opens dialogue for suggestions and grievances between administration, staff and employees. Meeting build trust and confidence in work place and assures that quality control is in place effectively.

Role of a HR manager in poyanil hospital

  • In our hospital HR manager is the responsible person for both the clinical and non-clinical staff that delivers direct services to patients. subsequently the performance of the hospital rests solely with the level of performance provided by the staff.
  • Its up to the HR manager to ensure each department and floor in the hospital is sufficiently staffed .with revolving patient counts , It can be a very difficult proposition.HR manager always succeeded in overcoming the situation and in keeping the staff levels appropriate to the need.
  • Hr manager and his team take care of the benefits for the employees and monitors employee performance .


  • Motivate your employee for their work ; Motivation is closely linked to job satisfaction , which retains workers at their jobs. health worker retension reduces the cost to the health system of having to recruit , hire and orient new workers and also reduces the likelihood of vacant posts.
  • Work as a team ; when the care givers work together in a hospital , the quality of care improves and in the end hospital can save some money .
  • Give support to your co-workers
  • Create a multitasking workforce ; Talents are being identified and trained to do multi-tasking and this work force is often called upon to make up for manpower deficiencies in specific areas. this strategy helps hospitals retain the manpower cost at a reasonable level and ensure better utilization of the manpower employed.
  • Provide proper training ; A professionally trained and skilled workforce is essential for running any hospital successfully.
  • Be energetic ; If you really want to do something you will find a way. if you don't ,you will find an excuse.
  • Stop gossip : Treat each member working in your organization as a family member.
  • Be cool at your work
  • Provide psychological support to team members at the time of crisis
  • Creat a good ipr with your employees
  • Employee satisfaction is a main fact in employee retention.
  • Employee feedback and patient feedback helps to reduce employee turn over and improves the quality of care giving.

Finance And Accounts Department

The success of any health care Institution depends on the strength of its financial policy and execution so as to provide excellent health care to the patients. Our function is aligned to the Biblical verse of "A cord of Three Strands is not quickly torn apart (Ecclesiastes 4:12)" and revolved in the three cord principles of Time, Perfection and Ethics.

Vision, Mission and Values

The vision of the Department is to have a proficient team allied to achieve the goal of the institution. The Mission of the Department is to keep the accounts of the Institution up-to-date in a transparent and time-bound manner as per the rules and regulations. The Value of the Department is to serve both Internal and External customers focusing the time as the most valuable one in every sphere of life of all.

Goals and objective

The Department believes in the objective of creating a collegial environment that fosters productivity through teamwork, ensuring financial stability, utilizing the skill of every staff professionally for effective functioning of the timely accounting and financial operations. As the backbone of the organization, the accounting department allows the organization to operate at its fullest potential.

Key Functions

  • Verification of all invoices submitted by vendors and claims submitted, with compliance to the policies of the Institution and in accordance with the systems and processes ensuring statutory compliance.
  • Payments to Suppliers and service providers.
  • Statutory compliance with regulatory authorities and rules.
  • Stores management with special focus on critical items.
  • Preparation and implementation of budgets.
  • Monitoring the Cash/Fund Flow
  • Interim and annual financial statements.
  • Maintain, verify and update accounting journals, ledgers, other relevant financial records
  • Documentation of books of accounts and systematic record keeping of all financial transactions.
  • Collect, compile and process the payroll data using appropriate software.
  • Review and verification of source documents and invoices.
  • Payments and filing returns of PF, TDS, etc

General Service

General services comprise engineering, housekeeping, security and quartering.

Engineering & Housekeeping

This includes the following departments, which manage all the utilities for our hospital

  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Air-conditioning
  • Planning
  • Central Stores
  • Transport
  • Telecommunication


The security wing headed by the Admin Superintendent takes care of all aspects of hospital security. Besides managing internal security personnel, the Admin Superintendent also controls and co-ordinates the activity and deployment of the outsourced security services. The Admin Superintendent also controls the access control and CCTV system installed across the hospital.


This department is responsible for the allotment and upkeep of staff and other quarters on the campus.

Public Relation

We have an excellent Public relation department at Poyanil which provides relevant and necessary information about constituent institutions and departments. It also handles with dignitaries and coordinates medical camps and fair for hospital within the area.

Purchase department

The Purchase Department is responsible for procurement of materials in a timely and cost-effective manner. It is administered by the Director, Administrator, and Store In charge.